Aftercare for Cancer and Serious Illness

For Survivors and Family Members

Recovering from serious illness

Serious or sudden illness can greatly impact not only the patient but everyone around them, leading to immediate and long-term changes in life. It can force people to shift perspective toward their own life as well as their family members.

For the patient, the transition—from undergoing the treatment process to managing the condition and to recovery—requires a great deal of emotional stamina and support.


Aftercare focuses on helping the patient and their family members to understand the psychological and emotional responses that come with serious illness, even once the condition has stabilized. These may include anxiety and fear of recurrence, loss of trust toward one’s body or life in general, feelings of injustice of why it happened to him or her. Some of these emotions can change people's behaviors, self image, self-esteem, romantic relationships, parenting styles and overall lifestyle.

Ultimately, better management of the emotional side of the condition will help reduce the stress levels and help one and one’s family to live life more at ease.