Expatriate Services

Psychological Counseling for
International Individuals & Families

Relocation and Adjustment

Relocation involves more than removal details, logistical arrangements, and a bit of culture shock. Cultural adaptation, losing one’s social support, and adapting to a new identity can catch you by surprise. Dr. Tsang-Feign has 15+ years of experience in assisting expatriate individuals, couples, and families to navigate the trials and challenges of living in a foreign culture and ultimately to maximize the experience of living abroad.

Counseling for the Expat at Work

The outwardly glamorous, high-demand expatriate lifestyle has many pitfalls which lead to stress, anxiety, addictions, and affairs. Burnout at work is all too common. Dr. Tsang-Feign helps the expatriate working person to tackle work-specific issues and enable you to fulfill professional expectations while leading a normal and healthy life.

Counseling for Expat Families and Children

The expatriate life can put strains on the entire family, which are often hard to predict. Children's adaptation is taken for granted, when they're often the hardest hit. Dr. Tsang-Feign works closely with expat parents and children to help everyone adjust to life abroad, or to prepare in advance for a coming relocation.